Free VPS for you private server / حساب rdp/vps مجاني مدي الحياة

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Getting Started

Heres a list of things you'll need:
Time and patience
A hosting account with the ability to create e-mails

Here's what you get out of it:
Linux server with root access
10GB hardrive space
100GB bandwidth

The Method

If you already have your own hosting with e-mail, you can skip Steps 1-4.

Okay, so first we have to get our hosting. Grab any free hosting site that will give you e-mails. For this example, I'll use GrendelHosting.
Register an account there and confirm your e-mail
Set up your domain. Navigate to your cPanel and click on "e-mail accounts."
The number of e-mails you'll need is a variable, so you can either create them all at once, or keep creating them as you need them.
Open a new tab and go to http://cloudrino.net. Register your primary e-mail (the one you want the VPS account to be under).
You'll notice this referral based system jumps you up in the queue when you register e-mails. So, to jump up the queue, send invites to e-mails you made in your hosting account.
Go to your hosting account and confirm the e-mails sent to you by Cloudrino. On your primary e-mail, you should be jumping up the queue.
Repeat this until you're at the top of the queue! This may take a while, so be patient.
You'll probably get an e-mail with your registration link within 24 hours. From there, you can make your VPS.

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