Fast Mailer Pro Full + Download

Fast Mailer Pro is an ultra fast subscription-based mass mailer used by many Internet professionals and online store owners, to notify their customer base about various events and promote their new products and services. This program lets you create and manage large mailing lists, and generate
personalized email messages utilizing message templates. Fast Mailer Pro lets you define multiple independent SMTP server connections, it utilizes the latest in multithreading technology, to send out emails as fast as it is possible. You can easily define messages and insert macro substitution 
patterns, to be replaced by information from the database, for each recepient, just before dispatching. You can use all the standard message formats like plain text, HTML or even create a rich content message in the Microsoft Outlook Express and export it into the program. Fast Mailer Pro is 
easy-to-configure and lets you import an email mailing list of subscribers into the internal database quickly and easily. It lets you do filter-based manipulations on the email list, search for duplicate emails and enable or disable individual emails.

Fast Mailer Pro Full + Download

في الختام ياصديقي متابعي وزوار موقع ديب لاب إذا أعجبك هذه الموضوع لا تبخلوا علينا بتعليقاتكم المحفزة لتقديم الأفضل لكم و مشاركتها مع أصدقاءك لتعم الفائدة و أدعوك أيضا للإشتراك في قناتي deep-lab الناشئة التي ستبحر بك في عالم مليء بالمعرفة والتقنية والمعلومات ولاتنسى الاشتراك في الموقع .
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